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Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness

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Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness

Edmonton, AB    T8A 5R5

Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness helps busy people make peace with food and their body to own their everyday. Rejoice works passionately through online group programs, 1:1 customized nutrition & wellness coaching, and highly customized family wellness plans to help people gain clarity, confidence, & consistency to remove obstacles to achieve optimal health & happiness. 

Rejoice embraces mindful eating principles to foster a space that promotes self-compassion, self-trust, & personal autonomy.If you are ready to make peace with food & your body so you can spend your energy living your life's true purpose. 

In the community, Rejoice continues to run annual food drives, volunteers in the areas of food access work in Alberta, and speaks for free at non-profit organizations in the areas of disability, mental health, & food insecurity. Rejoice continues to donate time, money, & energy in these areas. As the winner of the Community Leader Award and Edmonton's Top 40 under 40, giving back in these areas is a key pillar in the work that Rejoice does. 

Accessibility is also a pillar of Rejoice. Those that are on AISH or low-income supports pay a discounted rate on all services for equitable access. Payment plans are also available on 1:1 customized nutrition & wellness coaching programs.